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1 January, 2016

We are ready for the next generation

While in our job we tend to focus in today’s and maybe next event, at Spanish Heritage we try to find the time to investigate what the participants of nowadays incentives want, but also what the future participants will require.

We heard lot of opinions about Generation X and Millennials and in fact, they will be the main work force in the near future, so we are seeing already a change in the trend of what you should offer to an incentive in nowadays-digital world. Fortunately, it is not about technology!

Experiential travel, discovery, feeling as a local. Those are the concepts that we hear so we are listening to what the millennials have to say and we are working hard in introducing new products.

Come to Spain, feel, experience and enjoy! A warm welcome to Generation X and Millennial’s!

Hidden Factory – Experience the food

Spain’s gastronomy is here to stay. From the revolution of the 90’s with famous Ferran Adria as head of the “nueva cocina” (going back to the archives you can check New York Times article back in 2003: ) many things happened in Spanish gastronomy. Adria and many others have created a new way of understanding cuisine. Based in freedom and in thinking out of the box.

However, we are in 2015, what the new generations are looking for? Going to a Michelin star restaurant, maybe, but what about expending your evening in the atelier of two young artisans of the cuisine formed in the best schools and Michelin star restaurants? This is the go.

Located in an ancient copper factory dating from the XIXth century in Raval quarter, the upcoming area of Barcelona’s old town, it requires some effort and an adventure spirit to get to the third floor of this VSP (Very Special Place). Once you cross the door, you are taken to the world of senses where your hosts Xavi and Nico will make you feel at home. This artsy loft, industrial, vintage and a bit underground is the perfect ambience to let your imagination go and enjoy a private dinner specially tailor made for you. They are full of ideas and can adapt your event to any theme and will be even more creative to empower your brand through the event. They are connected with many artists so don’t be surprised if the performance of the evening is one of the most special you ever had in an event. They are not serving you; they are sharing with you what they have made especially for you. This is the key concept.

Every harvest is a new beginning

Spain with close to 3 million acres of vineyards is one of the three top producers of wine in the World. We can name the main regions like Rioja, Penedes, Ribera del Duero, Priorat…but mostly in every single corner of the country you may be able to enjoy a visit to a winery and a wine tasting. However we want to take the experience one step further and we can offer our groups to participate in the harvest and experience the pleasure of taking the fruits of mother earth with your our hands.

Some grapes are harvested best at night, so at the end of summer is a good moment to arrive to the vineyards at the end of the day and get acquainted with the techniques of grape’s harvesting. We will be welcome with some cheese, nuts and grapes (fresher than ever!) so you get ready for the harvest. With experts you will be taken to the fields where you will help in the harvest for a short period of time and then proceed to the winery and learn and see what the process of wine making is.

It is late and you still didn’t have dinner…join the party! A music band, a couple of food tracks offering slow food a BBQ and some delicacies from the area will be served in a gypsy style evening where your main expenditure in AV will be the shining stars in the sky. Ready for the experience?

Trekking as a day activity

Richard Ford, a 19th century British traveler described jokingly Spain as “just one big mountain”. And this is partially true, 24% of Spain is above 1000 meters and 75% between 500 and 1000 meters. Only Switzerland within Europe is higher (by far with an average altitude of 1300 metres).

So no matter what your destination is in Spain for sure there is a possibility for your active incentive group to expend a day trekking in a close by natural Park. Enjoying the views from Montserrat Mountain near Barcelona, or even expending a day going into the Pyrenees overlooking France on the other side. In the south Sierra Nevada close to the Unesco Heritage site of the Alhambra in Granada, or Sierra Morena or Sierra de Grazalema with the famous white villages so common in Andalusia. What about trekking in the highest peak of Spain? The Mount Teide, a volcano on Tenerife (Canary Islands) with its summit at 12.198 ft. As you can see there are many options, let Spanish Heritage guide you through!

If you want to discover how an incentive trip will be like in 2026, come and work with us in 2016 we are ready for it!

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